Product Features

Product Features



Overviews provide clear and concise introductions to, and summary of, each topic. Comprehensive explanation of practical issues from a legal prospective for an in-depth discussion

Practice Notes

Practice notes provide guidance and in‐depth practical commentary on key issues. Step-by-step guidance to handle the client matters across a wide range of transactions Links to cases, legislations and commentaries with regular update on legal developments and business matters

Precedents and Clauses/Alternative Clauses

Precedents are template agreements and clauses that are specifically written by expert authors for Practical Guidance for drafting agreements suited for specific business situations.

Provide regular updates on legal developments and market practices to ensure comprehensiveness, accuracy and timeliness.


The Forms are easy links directly to prescribed court forms that minimize the amount of keying, rekeying and calculating you need to do.

Third Party Links

Third Party Links are external links to guidance notes, forms, and other documents, websites or resources relevant to use.

Drafting Notes

Drafting Notes provide in-depth explanation behind a clause and its correlation with other relevant clauses. Highlights common pitfalls to watch out for provide links to specific supporting cases and legislation

Checklists and Flowcharts

Checklists walk you through a matter so you never miss a step when completing procedural work. Easy-to-read point-form guidance of legal processes Visual explanations of complex legal procedures