Product Benefits

Product Benefits



  • Most Extensive and Authoritative Content from Industry Experts
  • Practice Notes
  • Checklists, Flow Charts, and Forms (e.g. Standard Court Forms & Templates)
  • Precedents (e.g. Statutory Forms, Letters, Agreements & Clauses)
  • Legislation, Cases & Commentaries
  • Drafting Notes


  • Direct Access to Useful Resources at One Place
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • Dynamic and Intuitive Search Ability
  • Organized Content Flow for Ease of Use
  • Ease of Navigation with Quick Access Buttons
  • Keyword Search Option
  • Read, Save & Share your Research


  • Simplifies Complex Procedures
  • Track Legal News & Business Updates
  • Save Significant Time and Effort
  • Get Instant Advice for Executing Tasks Accurately & Confidently
  • Get intelligence Briefs for External Counsel to quickly Respond to Business Needs

Dynamic and Intuitive Search Ability

You get fast and simple search and browse capabilities for more efficient and effective legal research that you can read save and share. You get advanced search options to go through substantial information quickly that allows you to save your time significantly.

Instant Guidance

You get instant guidance on less familiar or unfamiliar subjects that lets you take on matters outside your specialization accurately and confidently. You get to constantly expand your business area and improve your knowledge base. You get customized content prearranged around the workflow with direct links to relevant documents that provide insightful assessments and in-depth analysis of difficult issues.

Extensive & Authoritative Content

You can safely and comfortably rely on comprehensive and trustworthy content that is designed by practice area and written by expert legal professionals. You get access to a broad collection of guidance notes, commentaries, checklists, flowcharts, templates, precedents, forms, cases, legislation and drafting notes with substantial amount of expert opinion and knowledge. You get solutions to your needs and problems in different areas of law that really help you improve your and your team's work efficiency and effectiveness.

Stay Ahead

It provides you strong competitive edge and helps you make dynamic and condident decision. Enables you to create and demonstrate stronge value and positive impact for your organization.

Faster Delegation and Training

Enables you to delegate routine tasks effectively and helps your associates to learn and train faster and be more productive.

User-Friendly Interface

You get direct access to useful resources all in one place anywhere anytime. You get point-form checklists and visual flowcharts organized seamlessly for ease of use and ease of navigation with quick access buttons.


Stay Current

You get regular content updates on latest legal news and business developments. You can analyze trends, gain insight and take action with intelligent briefs to quickly respond to business needs.