Companies Law

Lexis® Practical Guidance - Companies Law

This module covers all the transactional aspects relating to the New Companies Act, 2013, including Appointment of Directors, KMPs, Compliances, Buy Back, Oppression & Mismanagement, Striking-off Name of Company & Winding up, etc.

  • Setting up of Company
  • Alterations in Charter Documents
  • Company Management
  • Shares, Rights, Bonus and other similar needs
  • Variation of Shareholders Right
  • Risk and Compliances
  • Meetings
  • Administration
  • Audits and Accounts
  • Restructuring
  • Winding Up/Strike Off
  • Compliances & Disclosures under Companies Act
  • Corporate Governance and Other Policies
  • Deposits
  • Dividends
  • Charges
  • Sick Companies
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • Oppression and Mismanagement
  • Companies
  • Compounding of Offences

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