Foreign Exchange Management Act

Lexis® Practical Guidance - Foreign Exchange Management Act

This module covers all the aspects relating to Inbound & Outbound Investments, FIPB & DIPP Procedures, Compounding Procedures and all other aspects of Foreign Exchange Transactions in the country.

    Foreign Direct Investment

  • Restrictions, FIPB/DIPP/SIA Approvals, Industrial Licensing Requirement/Procedure, etc.
  • Overseas Direct Investment

  • Sectors, Funding, Investment Avenues, etc.
  • External Commercial Borrowing

  • Permitted/Restrictions, Maturity, Recognized Lender, Eligible Borrowers, etc.
  • Transactions - Capital & Current Import & Export of Goods & Services

  • Procedures and Aspects like Realization, short-shipment, shut-out shipment, etc.

  • Investment Avenues and Related Issues
  • Deposits

  • Inclusions and exclusions, Bank Account in India (INR/Foreign Currency), etc.
  • Acquisition of Property

  • Within and outside India.
  • Insurance

  • Policy issued by insurer outside India, LIM, GIM, etc.
  • Establishment of Office in India

  • LO/BO/PO – Requirements
  • Individuals

  • Liberalized Remittance Scheme
  • Penalties

  • Provisions, Composition of offenses, etc.


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